Using 9 Asia Travel Agency Strategies Like The Pros

Arid deserts and towering peaks; secluded temples and bustling markets; tiny villages and sprawling cities; ancient history and cutting-edge modernity; teeming crowds and places so remote you won’t find another human being around for miles—Asia encompasses all this and so, so, so much more.

Positively massive by just about every measure, the sole thread that unites this diverse continent is the sheer diversity of experiences it presents to travellers. Sum up Asia in a paragraph? The tour first takes you to the world-famous Temple Street Night market, a great place for bargain hunting and rubbing shoulders with the locals.

Here is a unique way to experience the magic of Hong Kong while taking in the city’s bustling nightlife that has no equal any place on earth. With over 30 years of experience in tour industry, we know what it takes to create your own unique travel experience. Based in New York and specializes in custom tour and travel service in China and major destinations in Pacific-Asia travel agency.

We are looking forward to the next vacation with Gate 1. Excellent itinerary, excellent guide, lodging and out of schedule activities. Our trip to Thailand was one of the best.

In particular enjoyed the group dinners in the country side. Saw and learned a lot about the countries. I would highly recommend Gate 1 for any tour.

He was safe caring for our comfort. Our Bus Boy was the best of the best. She always kept us well informed of customs and laws governing each and every site visit.

Lift was a wonderful tour guide. I have already recommend this tour to friends. He really helped to make the trip great, by showing us all kinds of interesting things, teaching us about Thai culture, and just making sure everything went smoothly!

All the services were great, every place we stayed at was hospitable, and our tour guide, Panya, was amazing! We hope to use your company again down the road. The only disadvantage is due to currency exchange, we feel prices is a little high especially we are from the west coast.

Really considerate tour director and careful choice of hotels. This was my first experience with Gate 1 and both my husband and myself feel your agency is a more superior company than who we went with before. Working with a range of ‘super guides’, from a Vietnamese veteran to professional’s archeologists, Easia Travel provides tailored solutions across a myriad of indigenous experiences for the most demanding of travelers.

DMC such as Easia Travel.. are thoroughly modern companies representing the future of travel in Asia. For a quick and easy booking process, contact a WorldTravelService® leisure agent and begin the adventure of a lifetime in Asia. Complete your booking today with one of our experienced travel agents.

Cost-effective fares, valuable benefits, and the experience of a lifetime await you. Visit the iconic Imperial Palace or take a walk through Tokyo’s large public gardens to make the most of your Asia adventure. From sacred shrines to colorful skyscrapers, this city has it all.

As Japan’s capital city, you will find this busy location filled with culture and new experiences. With the assistance of our skilled agents at WorldTravelService®, you are guaranteed to find everything you want in your Asia vacation. Let this be your time to relax and explore such an enchanting part of the world.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with all this planning! When booking such an extravagant getaway, there are many important details to organize. From magnificent coastlines to snow-covered mountains, this majestic region of the world will wow you with its many different landscapes.

No visit to India would be complete without seeing the Taj Mahal in Agra , the white marble mausoleum built by order of the emperor Shah Jahan in the 1600’s. Jaipur is known as the Pink City” with its City Palace, the enigmatic Palace of Winds, the Jantar Mantar ancient observatory and the striking and majestic Amber Palace perched on top of a hill. In Mumbai , marvel at the Gateway of India overlooking the harbour, take in the attractive Marine Drive, visit Gandhi’s home, now a museum and visit the most amazing outdoor laundry, the Dhobi Ghats.


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